Rappers Dealing With The I Can’t Afford Mindset

I can’t afford it

I have had the absolute pleasure of working with a lot of talented rappers in the studio & consequently  I have been able to develop a lot of great relationships with them as well. I would find myself getting more & more excited as the project progressed and would instinctively ask at some point of time what their plans for marketing their album were.  Most of the time they had not put much thought into their call to action for getting their music out there and had primarily been focusing on recording music. Once I began to suggest different methods and ideas that they could implement to get their music in front of mass quantities of people they would usually respond with, “I can’t afford it”. At first I was kind of bummed out because I was excited about the world hearing what great music these rappers and I we’re working on. Soon I began to realize something, there are different types of artists.

Distinguishing between the two types of rappers.

Most rappers or just artists in general can be distinguished between two categories. On one hand you have rappers that are more of a hobbyist. These type of rappers are more so making music for fun. They typically are not trying to make a career out of their songs  and primarily give their music away and perform  at events for free. On the other hand you have the rappers that are trying to make a career out of their music and intend on selling their songs and merchandise as well as getting paid for performing at events. I tend to think of these types of rappers as professionals. This article does not really apply so much to the hobbyist but more so for the professionals.

Plan, prioritize and execute

Rappers who are striving to make a profession out of their music have to wear many hats. Apart from wearing your music hat you should also be putting on your marketing hat as well. You will find that your creativity is not only needed for making music but it is also needed for marketing music. How you plan to market your music could also heavily influence the creation of your music as well. Having a plan will allow you prioritize to ensure you have solid execution.  You don’t  want to spend all of your money on beats and studio time and not leave any for marketing essentials like artwork, music videos, distribution and promotion. That would be like paying for a car with no engine. All these parts have to work together in order for it to take you somewhere.  It may be time to start thinking a different way than the “I can’t afford” mindset.

How can I afford

How can I afford is the better mentality. Saying you can’t rules out any possibilities but asking how can you allows hope, creativity & innovation to start being a part of your thought process. I primarily work with Christian Hip Hop Rappers and there is plenty of avenues that offer affordable means of promotion such as rapzilla, jamthehype and z180radio all of which offer opportunities to have music featured on their sites for FREE if they like it! I cannot stress enough how important this is. Find what avenues would be suitable for you to get promotion with and get a copy of their promotional packages and start budgeting for it. Again this means you might need to cut back in other areas you are spending to much money in like studio time and beats. Maybe instead of trying to do a full length album with no promotion cut it down to a five song EP or maybe even just one solid song.  If your music is good and enough people support it then that one song may pay for you to do an EP or a full length album!

The bigger picture

In closing, when rappers cover all the essential areas that make up the official release of their project it puts them in much greater of a position to succeed in what they do. It also puts everyone they are working with in a greater position because they are able to continue to pay them what they deserve & not short change them for their services and rappers are not having to cut corners and  risk jeopardizing the quality and value of their music along with its marketing. The more this type of growth happens the better it is for the economy and more opportunities will be readily available for others  because of it.  If you enjoyed this blog on Rappers dealing with the I can’t afford mindset and would like to stay updated on future postings you can subscribe here.

    • Hi Bro. Thank you so much for this video. You have been helpful so much man!…. And keep up the good work you do! I appreciate you so much for what you’ve done! One love

      • Hey Abraham, Thanks so much for taking the time to shoot me back some encouraging feedback! It’s really awesome knowing my hard work is appreciated! I sincerely appreciate all of your love and support as well! Much love and respect to you and yours as well! 🙂

  • Thanks a lot Cole Mize for all your great words of wisdom and real life teachings. Thanks a lot! Growing up I never had a brother or a father who could advice me in so many ways like you do. Thanks lots! You are so far away, continents apart,but it’s crazy how you are lifting my dreams, making my vision clear and music for the better. Thanks! Lots of respect from Switzerland.

    • Hey Promise, It’s always great to hear back from you bro! Reading comments like yours means a whole lot to me! It’s very encouraging to know that I am influencing others in a positive way from across the world! That’s major! Thanks for taking your time to share that with me! I will keep working hard on this end to delivery helpful content. You keep up the great work with your music as well! I’m proud of you bro! Much love to Switzerland from The States! 🙂

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