rappers working in isolation

Rappers Working In Isolation – Pros & Cons

As rappers and all creatives alike we must be careful. Technology is a beautiful thing but it is also a double edged sword. It has empowered us toย be independent and enabled us to achieve feats that once was only attainable by a minute group of people. Ironically this blessing can also be a curse but how we choose to harness it will determine whether it’s an oppressive master or a helpful aid.

rappers working in isolation

Times Have Changed

The way the world functions has changed and it’s effecting the way we interact with one another and conduct business. We once wen’t to Blockbuster to rent movies and video games. Now we are streaming them from the comfort of our own homes. We are taking fewer trips to the bank due to direct deposit, using e-mail more than snail mail, and conversing with one another primarily through social media and text messages.

Rappers Have Become Isolated

The way we as rappers create music has changed as well. We often purchase our beats online from producers without ever meeting them & more of us are beginning to rappers_in_isolationwrite, record, mix and release or music without ever having to leave our homes. Our audience then consumes our music through digital platforms in the same form of isolation we were in when we created it.

The Pros

This is great from a business perspective because it allows rappers to conventionally create intellectual property with very little overhead with the ability to reach a worldwide audience. We are no longer limited to our physical location and are much more easily discovered. The possibilities of our growth are no longer dictated by record labels but fall solely on us and with that comes great responsibility.

The Cons

The downside to this is there are no more filters. Anyone, anywhere at anytime can release music and without any checks and balances. This results in a greater amount of music being released on a daily bases but a rappers_releasing_musiclarge amount of this music is sub par and poor quality. This is partly due to us working in isolation and not receiving the proper amount of helpful feedback and constructive criticism from people who have a good ear for music.

Support Vs Criticism

It’s important to understand the difference between support and constructive criticism. Your family and friends support you and love everything that you do. But if they haven’t developed a good musical ear or are afraid to critic your music from fear of hurting your feelings then they may not be the best source to bounce your music off of for the purpose of quality control.

In Need Of A Fresh Perspective

You will benefit greatly from receiving feedback and insight from someone who is well seasoned in your craft. They will most likely hear things that you don’t. They also have something very valuable that you have lost in the process music_reviewsof making your music and that’s a fresh perspective. As we get engulfed in our project our ears become fatigued from repetitively hearing the same thing over and over again. This can cause us to loose perspective as we become emotionally attached to our work which consequently can make us biased and unwilling to correct things that could be hindering the quality of our music.

Don’t Freak Out

If you don’t have someone that you feel you can bounce your music off that will be honest, positive and most importantly helpful then don’t freak out! I would be more than happy to help you. I provide music reviews right here on my website. If you would like more information about themย click here.

How Did I Do?

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  • For so long I was stuck in a rut with my flow as I had developed bad habits with how I was writing my songs but thanks to you showing me the error of my ways I am more conscience when I write with better more effective and structured rhyme schemes and making sure I have the right amount of syllables for the bars to sound nice. You are not a YES MAN which I love. Musicians please do not be afraid to have someone tell you what you’re doing is not hot so long as that person can provide you with constructive feedback as Cole Mize does

    • Thanks so much Jesse! You’re comment truly means a lot! And it’s always humbling as well as encouraging to hear that my work is positively effecting others such as yourself. Again, thanks so much!! Much love and respect! ๐Ÿ™‚ – Cole Mize

  • Who are your favorite rappers and rappers that you use for inspiration? My favorite are Big Punisher and Necro. I have used Immortal Technique, the song The Message from Grand Master Flash, the song They Reminisce by Pete Rock and CL Smooth, and Necro for inspiration or to get me in the mood.

    Thank you for your time and a very insightful but reality bender article.

    • Hey Tony thanks for your positive feedback on my article! Those are all awesome rappers that you mentioned! Just a few that have been influential to me for different reasons are

      Coolio “first CD I bought as a kid ๐Ÿ™‚ 2pac, Biggie, Outkast, Big PUN, Field Mob, Goddie Mob, Eminem, D-12, T.I, DMX, Master-P “Ghetto D”, NAS, Dead Prez, Ludacris, Immortal Technique, Common, Talib Kweli, Most Def, Rakim, and more recently Big Krit, Hopsin, Kendrick Lamar, Logic, Tech n9ne, and Action Bronson.

      Thanks again for reading and commenting! I sincerely appreciate it Tony! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I live in a country where no one gives a damn about your lyrics. Matter of fact, the reigning songs here have no more than 30 words. They just want you to have a good beat. I’ve shown my friends my lyrics and they’ve told me that I won’t last a second………..how do I rise above this?

    • Good question Fejiro. My best advice to you is to be yourself and making the music that you want to hear. Your music will never be for everybody. There’s never been an artist that everyone in the world liked and you can’t be everything to everyone. And because of the internet you have the potential to earn fans with your music from all around the world so you’re no longer limited to your local location. Be different, be weird, be YOU because you will stand out from the rest instead of trying to blend in with the rest of the crowd. I hope this helps ๐Ÿ™‚ – Cole Mize

    • Thanks Badmic! I’m really glad you enjoyed this article and thanks so much for the support! Much love and respect to you as well! ๐Ÿ™‚ – Cole Mize

  • Mr. Mize, I really appreciate your support. I gotta know, do you have any video on how to write and compose hooks? Cos I really suck at that.

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