Do Some People Not Have The Talent To Rap?

Every now and then I will come across someone making the comment that “some people don’t have the talent to rap” or basically saying that can_anyone_learn_to_rapcertain people don’t posses the qualities needed to be a good rapper. But is rapping only for an elite group of people that was born with a special ability or can anyone learn how to rap?

These comments and questions opens up a big can of worms that need to be broken down. Do some people simple have the talent and others don’t? Just don’t end up trying to be like this guy and you should be ok. lol

Where We All Start

I personally have never meet someone who claimed that they came out their mothers womb spitting bars that left onlookers dumbfounded with amazement. If you want to get real down to earth about it we wouldn’t even know how to speak our own language if someone hadn’t taken the time to patiently teach it to us. We came into this world knowing nothing and every bit of knowledge that we currently posses was passed on to us from another source.

I personally believe that anyone can learn anything that they set their minds to. Whatever it is that you want to be great at you simply start by learning it’s fundamentals and grow from there. Rapping is no different in my opinion. The real question is does everyone have the drive and determination to be a great rapper? Of course not but it doesn’t mean that they do not have the ability.

The Danger Of Isolation

Now let’s just be real for a moment. There are plenty of rappers out there that aren’t that great at what they do but in their minds they think that american_idolthey are literally the most skilled rapper ever! We have all seen those American Idol episodes when someone comes out with a surplus of confidence that they are about to tear the roof off the place. But once they get about 5 seconds into their set things quickly get awkward when you and everyone else realizes that they are pretty horrible.

Most likely that person has been around a lot of people boosting them up and telling them how great they are but didn’t have the guts to tell them what things that they needed to work on improving. I can’t imagine how bad it would feel to find out that you are not great at what you do in front of the whole world like that! Not to mention the time and money that was wasted getting there.

The Right Mindset

Now granted I’m talking about rappers and not singers, two totally different things. But the point is if you are wanting to be a great rapper then you have to give yourself room to grow. You must take on the mindset of a student and welcome people to critic your work. As long as someone is giving you directions on how to improve then that’s good! But if someone is simply hating on you and saying “you suck, you don’t have what it takes”, then you need to ignore that negativity and don’t give it any attention.

The reason I have embarked on this venture to teach others how to be better rappers is because I see a lot of negativity out here with very few mindsetsolutions. The bottom line is if you truly want to be a skilled rapper then you can! Be patient but persistent in growing in your craft and you will see results! But don’t try to develop in isolation, every chance you get share your work with someone who can give you good feedback on how to improve so you will never have to worry about being that guy on American Idol! lol You can do it! and I am here to help you out as much as possible. If you have any questions, comments or feedback please drop your 2 cents in the comments section below. Cheers to being a better rapper now!

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