the mad rapper

The Mad Rapper

Dan Tha Man recently did an interview with the Mad Rapper. The artists name and identity has been concealed for his protection. Dan gets to the bottom of why the Mad Rapper is so… mad and frustrated. Please join the two as they shell out the frustrations and set backs that can be caused by leaving yourself open to work with any and everybody. The way you manage your time will effect you heavily either positively or negatively. The Mad Rapper also shares insight on mistakes that he has made and offers some alternative solutions on how to begin to filter who you decide to work with to what capacity you choose to do so.  If you enjoyed this interview a would like to stay updated on future post please CLICK HERE.

  • LOL! I loved this… it was funny but it spoke to me at the same time. My man Cole Mize aka the rennaissance man!

    • LOL! thanks Kevin! I’m glad you enjoyed it man! That was or goal, talk about a serious issue but have fun doing it. Thanks for the support! Much love bro!

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