The Reason Why Everyone's Opinion About Your Music Doesn't Matter

The Reason Why Everyone’s Opinion About Your Music Doesn’t Matter

What should you rap about? What do people want to hear? Are people going to think it’s lame and form an organization to build awareness about how much your music sucks?

The Reason Why Everyone's Opinion About Your Music Doesn't Matter


Many of us rappers have this inner talk taking place when we’re trying to write songs and it’s like a creative paralysis that handicaps us from creating anything at all. We put so much pressure on ourselves to write songs that the whole world is going to embrace but guess what? You’re chasing a mirage!


The truth is that your music will never be for everyone so just accept it and remove all of that unnecessary pressure off of yourself immediately!

Do you enjoy hanging out with everyone who crosses your path? Of course not! There are some real jerks out there! And there are people who aren’t jerks but you still don’t click with them due to their personality, or just a lack of mutual interests. Which means that everyone isn’t for you either!


Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, Jay-Z, Hopsin, Tech N9ne and Eminem are all amazingly talented at what they do and many people love them for it but don’t get it twisted, there’s a lot of people who can’t stand their music as well.

The bottom line is you’re never going to be able to please everyone so don’t even try it because it’s a vain pursuit and in the end, everyone still won’t like your music and you will be miserable.


Don’t get me wrong you should strive to make music that people enjoy but go ahead and accept the fact that everyone isn’t going to like it and that’s okay! That way when the casual hater or troll goes out of their way to tell you how much your music sucks then just think to yourself…”Oh, I get it, my music isn’t for them”, and just keep it moving.


At the end of the day, you should strive to make the music that you want to hear. Your music should be an extension of who you are and it should reflect your musical influences, personality, opinions, beliefs, emotions, humor, questions and interests.


So in closing, it doesn’t matter what people think about your music. A more important question to ask yourself is what do you think about your music and does it represent who you truly are? Just think about that for a moment.

“It’s better to be disliked for who you are than liked for who you are not”.

For an extra dose of encouragement check out this article I wrote that explains some of the crap the movie star Sylvester Stallone had to go through because people didn’t like how he looked or sounded. I think he turned out just fine!

  • I have asked for opinions on my poems. But now I don’t stress it. Honestly, even if I get compliments, I just say thank you and keep it moving. I won’t let negative opinions weigh me down nor will I let positive opinions make me too light that I’m not grounded.

  • Hey man i hit you up a really long time ago and its crazy that ive actually got better not all of your videos and emails helped me but certain tips and tricks youve said really helped if theirs any young artist out their reading this just remember to be consistent make alot of songs even if you dont post them also its okay to take a break even tho making music everyday is good over doing it is not good so just make sure not to give up and make music that you like cause i promise theirs other people out their that like it too

    • You absolutely right, as an artist you only hinder yourself when you seek validation from others. And we dwell too much on the negative feedback. 20 people can say “great!” But when that ONE person says “NAH” people tend to hold on to that. We gotta take the good with the bad and keep it moving

  • Hey cole muse I appreciate your videos I’ve been watching all kinds from cadences to flow to writing structures and everything…but there’s on the thing I wanted to ask…why do I feel like what I’m writing is too corny or cheesy…and why do I feel like what I’m saying doesn’t get the message across well enough?

    • Hey Cameron,

      From my experience, you are just focusing on the audience too much. Be yourself and if you like it youre good. Like the article says…you cant please everyone! So you are better off if you dont even try!

  • Shouldn’t everyone have there own opinion what rap song thay write and what thay are writing about? I’m going to be writing a rap song about bullying soon so I don’t know how to write or how to make beat for that song so might need your help.

    • You absolutely should have your own idea put into it Samantha. If you looking for beats Cole has a bunch or you could go on youtube. Think about what emotion you want in your song and type that emotion in the search bar on youtube. There are hundreds of people who post their beats daily!

  • People have been giving the side-eye to what I do, always. My brother, who produced my albums, played my first project for some of his friends and they didn’t get it and laughed at it, so he held onto that feedback and kind of distanced himself from the project just because his boys reacted that way.

    But you know what? Songs from that *same* album his boys clowned got chosen for a show Hulu used to run called “East Los High”. They used 4 of them across two seasons, I got paid, and still get royalties.

    Your stuff, even if it’s like, commercial as it gets, is *not* going to be for everybody. You have to go into this accepting that while that is fact, *your* audience–*your* superfans– are out there somewhere looking for someone like you with a sound just like yours.

    Keep going. Write from your gut, love what you do, and I guarantee you…you will not go wrong.

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