Why Your Rap Lyrics Sound Like Crap On Some Beats

Today I’m going to be sharing some tips that will help you rap your lyrics successfully over many different instrumentals. I produced every instrumental in this video, so If you hear one that you want, you can get it on my beat store.


It’s only a matter of time before you find yourself in a situation that requires you to rap your lyrics over a different instrumental than the one that you originally wrote to.

A few common reasons for needing to do this are…

  1. You don’t have legal permission to use the original instrumental in a way that allows you to earn money so you purchase another instrumental from a producer.
  2. Someone asks you to collaborate with them on a song and you decide to rap a verse that you already wrote to another instrumental.
  3. You enter a rap contest that requires you to rap your lyrics over an instrumental that they pick.
  4. You’re in a freestyle or a cypher where you’re having to decide what lyrics you’re going to rap over whatever instrumentals that the DJ picks.


In a perfect world, your rap lyrics would sound perfect over any instrumental that you pick but unfortunately this is not reality. You will find that your lyrics just don’t fit well with some instrumentals and here’s why.


First, let’s check out a snippet of a rap verse that I originally wrote to an instrumental that I produced called “Fairy Tales” which is 95 Beats Per Minute.


Now let’s check out a snippet of me rapping that same rap verse over another instrumental called “Chillax” that’s 91 Beats Per Minute which is 4 beats per minute slower than the original instrumental.

Notice how I changed my delivery to fit the chill vibe of this instrumental and even though this instrumental is only 4 beats per minute slower than the original instrumental, you can still feel that it’s slower by ear. Keep that in mind as we make a drastic jump in this next example.


Now let’s check out a snippet of me rapping a snippet of the same rap verse over another instrumental called “Wake Up” that’s only 56.50 beats per minute which is 38.50 beats per minute slower which is a huge jump!

If you’re rapping over an instrumental that’s more than 20 BPM difference than your original instrumental then you’re going to have to make a decision between rapping your verse in normal time or double time.

If you don’t know what double time is, I highly recommend you watch my video tutorial called “Double Time and Trap Beats Explained”.


While you can technically fit your lyrics to an instrumental that’s greater than a 20 bpm difference than the original instrumental I typically don’t advise that you do so. Because it’s typically going to sound either way too fast or way too slow.

If you’re going to rap your lyrics over a different instrumental try to find one that’s close to the tempo of the original instrumental.

If you’re not sure how to determine the tempo of the original instrumental, simply load it into tunebat.com and it will let you know in seconds!

Then when you’re on the hunt for other instrumentals just pay attention to the instrumental’s information which usually includes the tempo. And try to find an instrumental that’s as close to the original instrumental’s tempo and try to keep it below a 20 bpm difference.

The #1 Fundamental To Rapping

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